Monday, October 22, 2012

Cordova/PhoneGap SQLitePlugin continues to show excellent reliability

UPDATE: Please see my new posting: Cordova/PhoneGap sqlite plugins offer large db size, excellent reliability

Back in March 2012 I blogged about the Phonegap-SQLitePlugin project for providing reliable offline storage for iOS applications built using Cordova/PhoneGap.

UPDATED: I worked on a fork in brodyspark / PhoneGap-SQLitePlugin-iOS to provide a more HTML5 SQL API compliant interface and also made a version for Android: brodyspark / PhoneGap-SQLitePlugin-Android.

Some improvements were made in the iOS version of Cordova/PhoneGap to use certain attributes to make sure the data would be backed up the iCloud. However there seems to be more issues between CB-1561 Using Storage API - rejected by Apple and a new thread about the possibility of data loss.

I originally started using and improving the SQLitePlugin to provide reliable configuration storage from the very beginning, and it has now proven its value compared to the ongoing possibility of data loss from the built-in storage API. A number of GitHub stargazers have indicated this project to be of value for both its reliability and close conformance to the HTML5 SQL API.

Update December 2012: a posting about data not persisted on the Android version using the built-in Web SQL database.